As a part of a series of activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the traditional day of the General Department of Military Industries and Manufacture (September 15, 1945 – September 15, 2020). On the morning of August 27, 2020, Z175 Factory held the inauguration ceremony and handed over 02 “trade-union warm houses, comradeship” and “Comrade’s house to 02 factory workers with difficult circumstances.

      Attending the inauguration and handover ceremony, there were Colonel Pham Van Riep – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Company; Comrade Colonel Tran Van Trong- Political Chairman, Trade-Union Chairman; the delegates of the Political Department; representatives of mass organizations; delegates of the Workshop where the two comrades received the house working; Vietnam National Defense television reporter; delegates of the Party Committee, local authorities and families.

      Both comrades have difficult family circumstances; children are young, often sick; the family economy depends on monthly salary. During the last time, they had to rent a house, their life was not stable. With the help and facilitation of the organization, the efforts of the family of 02 comrades, after more than 03 months of construction, both houses were completed on schedule with guaranteed quality. The support cost is 80 million per comrade, which is extracted by the Ministry of Defense from the fund “the trade-union warm house, comradeship” and the funding of Z175 Factory, the rest is saved by their family and borrowed from relatives.

      The inauguration and handover ceremony of the “the trade-union warm house, comradeship” and “comrade’s house” are a great source of encouragement, showing the deep concern of the Party, State, Army, the General Department of Military Industries and Manufacture and Factory Z175 to officials and employees with difficult circumstances. It is also a precious and beautiful tradition, showing the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, mutual love, thereby helping comrades quickly settle down, rise up, overcome difficulties and complete all assigned tasks.

      With careful preparation, the inauguration and handover of both houses took place as planned, leaving a good impression and affection on the party committee, government, local people and family. Believing that with the attention, help and facilitation of the Party committees and commanders at all levels, they will stabilize their life in all aspects, build a happy family, continue to make efforts, and strive to complete all tasks in the assigned position.

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