Rubber conveyor belts are widely used in industry and production from transporting, loading and unloading goods in factories and warehouses, conveying products in production lines, transporting raw materials in mining and minerals. Conveyors for transporting bulk materials or finished products are based on the requirements of conveying technology or horizontal conveyor systems, inclined conveyors to meet each production line requirement in terms of distribution form. Rubber conveyor belts are used in the ambient temperature of -5℃ up to + 40℃, the material transport temperature is below 50℃. Rubber conveyor belt structure includes Conveyor frame, belt conveyor, active roller, motor driven roller belt tensioner, actuator etc. Conveyor belt is made from synthetic rubber inside with braided fibers.

Conveyor belts are required to be durable, strong, resistant to abrasion and high friction. A very important factor is that the extension coefficient of the conveyor belt must be very low to avoid belt slippage. There are two types of transmission methods: geared motor drive and motor roller drive

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