75 Rubber One member Company Limited (Z175) is an enterprise directly under the General Department of Military Industry – Ministry of Defense specialized in manufacture of technical rubber products for the Army and the national economy since 1968. Our products are diversified and highly technical such as oil resistant, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, etc. With nearly 50 years of construction and development, the Company has provided many types of rubber products with high technical features for military service, national economic sectors in the country and for export. The main products of the Company include rubber conveyor belt, rubber hoses of all kinds such as pressure resistance, oil resistant, water transmission hoses, technical rubber spare parts, etc. Product quality is complied with the ISO 9001 Management System: 2008 including rubber conveyor belt production line.With nearly 20 years of formation and development, the company has produced many types of rubber conveyor belt production line such as: High abrasion resistance, fire resistance, oil resistant, heat resistant conveyor belts to 1800C, sidewall, cleated, rough top, magnetic separation conveyor belts, etc. Production output of the line ranges from 110,000 – 150,000m2/year. We kindly introduce briefly the types of conveyor belts and services of the Company as follows:

  • Steel cord conveyor belt: From ST500  ST4000 (according to JISK 6369: 2007), Bucket elevator conveyor belt.
  • Synthetic canvas conveyor belt (EP, NN, CC …) for transporting coal, cement, minerals, construction materials, fertilizers, etc. Particularly, uphill conveyor belt with high abrasion resistance is used for transporting ore, coal, with fireproof for underground mining, heat-resistant conveyor belt for transporting clinker, coal slag, oil-resistant conveyor belt, etc.
  • Weighing conveyor belt (circular), teeth conveyor belt (groove), sidewall conveyor belt, food conveyor belt, etc. Products meet the needs of customers in the mining and processing industries of coal, cement, ore mining, chemicals, thermal power plants, tiles production, etc.

Technical services: Directly attach the conveyor belt at the site, transfer and guide the bonding process (if the customer requires) and provide glue, rubber for bonding, patching.commits to correct as soon ass possible.Warranty policy: The product is warranted in accordance with the Company’s Regulations, in case of any abnormal conditions or failure (due to the manufacturer’s fault, certified by both parties), 75 Rubber One member Company LimitedRubber conveyor belts are manufactured according to JIS K6322, JIS K6369, etc. with the advanced technology of the region as well as in the world. With synchronous equipment system imported from Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc. any customer requirements for quality, types as well as dimensions.The system of equipment for testing and analyzing the mechanical features is invested synchronously such as: Testing machine for vulcanizing characteristics, hardness, strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, etc. of rubber and load bearing reinforcement. The Company has a complete system of equipment to manage the quality of finished products to reach the highest quality.The production organization process is strictly controlled by the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System such as:

  • Input materials: Full origin, mechanical properties, package, labels, etc. and all parameters are tested at the Central Mechanization Department of the Company.
  • The products are manufactured according to strict technological processes. There are technical staff monitoring on each stage of technology shown by technology minutes.
  • Semi-finished products on the segments of the lines are fully tested with the necessary features to eliminate the shortcomings arising out of the production process.
  • Products made are tested 100% according to the acceptance standard issued, the quality certificate of the manufacturer is issued at delivery.

In addition to production and supply conveyor belts to units, 75 Rubber Company also has accompanying technical services such as: Directly attach the conveyor belt at the site, transfer and guide the bonding process (if the customer requires) and provide glue, rubber for bonding, patching.Currently, 75 Rubber One member Limited Liability Company has more than 500 officers and employees who are staffed in 12 departments and workshops. With a team of qualified and experienced staff, employees in the field of rubber production. We affirm to fully meet the requirements, product specifications according to your requirements.




75 Rubber One member Company Limited (Factory Z175) of General Department of Military Industry- Ministry of Defense was established in 1968 specialized in manufacture of technical rubber products.

Over 45 years of construction and development, the brand “75 Rubber” has become a leading brand in the field of technical rubber.

The technical rubber products of the factory have met the needs of national defense and many important national economic sectors such as: Mining, oil and gas, shipbuilding, electricity, construction materials, transportation, textile, chemical industry, automobile and motorcycle assembly, electronics, refrigeration, etc. substituting imported and exported goods



The company has faced many difficulties because the factors ensuring the production fail to synchronize and the competitive pressure is increasingly tremendous, however, with the determination, intelligence and bravery of “Uncle Ho’s soldier” on the labor and production, the company has actively overcome to integrate and develop quite firmly. The capacity and efficiency of national defense and economic production have been radically improved. The average annual growth rate is always higher than 10%. Production scale and product categories are expanded. In addition to traditional rubber products, the company has successfully researched, tested and produced many new products with high technical and technological requirements, effectively facilitating technical assurance in military, economic and export needs. The brand “Rrubber 75” has been established and positioned.



The company has produced and supplied millions of high-quality weapons and equipment to the armed forces. At the same time, the company produces many products to bring into the market, especially chemically explosive products to replace imported products. Many economic products of the factory are now exported to foreign markets (Denmark, France, Slovakia, Japan, etc.), which has confirmed the position and brand of the company. The economic production revenue always represents over 80% of the company’s total revenue, contributing to creating jobs and stable income and maintaining skilled staff, technicians and national defense production capacity of the company.



The revenue in 2019 reached more than 380 billion Vietnam dongs
Becoming an important partner of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group, Honda Group, etc.


Quality – Check
The factory has a room to check, test materials and products with modern equipments, approved by General Department of Standards Metrology and Quality – Ministry of Defence in terms of verified products metrology and testing measures.
Quality – Technology
With the purpose of becoming the Vietnamese leading business in the field of manufacturing products from rubber, which meets strict standards in the fields of national defence, economics and export. In the past years, 75 Rubber One member Limited Liability Company invested to newly replace modern lines, to apply advanced technology from countries over the world.Rotocur continuous vulcanizing and hydraulic press system are controlled automatically during the whole manufacturing processProduction lines of semi-rubber products has a capacity of 30 tons/day


Established in 1968, during the process of building and growing, 75 Rubber One Member Company Limited has been awarded many noble awards by the Party, the State, the Army and the General Department of Defense Industry:

  • 2 third class Military Exploit Orders
  • 11 first, second and third class Feat Orders
  • 1 first-class Labor Order
  • 1 second-class Labor Order
  • 3 third-class Labor Orders
  • 1 Perpetual Reward Flag by the Government
  • 4 Perpetual Reward Flags by the Ministry of Defense and 8 Perpetual Reward Flags of the General Department of Defense Industr
  •  Vietnam Golden Star Award for Rubber 75 Brand in 2006
  • Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award (VIFOTEC) in 2006
  • ISO Gold Cup 2018
  • Sustainable Brand 2010.

ISO Gold Cup 2018

Vietnam Golden Star Award for Rubber 75 Brand in 2006

1 First Class Labor Medal

1 second-class Labor Order

3 Third-class Labor Medal

11 first, second and third class Feat Orders