In the field of manufacturing all kinds of rubber, the source of raw materials to create quality products such as sheet rubber, rubber tubes, latex mattresses, etc. exist in two types: natural and artificial rubber. Each resource…

Natural rubber

      Natural rubber is the raw material of many products on the market. Natural rubber is derived from the sap of rubber tree, natural latex droplets bond together to form a solid structure, undergoing polymerization to form Isoprene. Therefore, the characteristics of rubber are based on the components present in the latex. If the characteristics of the rubber decline, it is due to the amount of impurities mixed in the rubber.

     Natural rubber is often used to produce latex mattresses, anti-slip materials for roads and bridges, and to produce rubber pipes and rubber sheets for use in shipbuilding and construction industry. Products made from natural rubber have high safety, so they are very interested by the users.

Artificial rubber

      Artificial or synthetic rubber is a man-made plastic with the function of being a relatively good stretcher. Artificial rubber is used to replace natural rubber in many applications of life and production, when its superior properties promote the same effect as natural rubber. Not much worse than natural rubber, the application of sheet rubber from artificial rubber raw materials is widely used in architectural works with very effective heat-insulating effect.

      Artificial rubber is made from the polymerization of single structures consisting of isoprene and isobutylene with a small percentage of isoprene for chain linkage.

      With the difference in structure in terms of physical and chemical properties, the applications of natural rubber and artificial rubber materials are not the same.

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