Investment in equipment to improve production capacity

75 Rubber Company Limited specializes in manufacturing high-tech rubber products serving for national defense and economic sectors of the country. Over the years, the Company has actively focused on production to meet the requirements of serving the military, domestic and export economic sectors. To create momentum for businesses to develop sustainably, along with the application of new management and Kaizen – 5S program, rearranging technology ground, rationalizing production, focusing on training, coaching, building a team of technical, management staffs. The company is often interested in investment, technological innovation, technical equipment, capacity improvement and quality, and product cost reduction. In August 2019, the Company installed, put into operation and used production equipment for rubber conveyor belts, large rubber sheets of 4,500 tons, this is a modern and advanced equipment line currently in the world market. After the newly invested production line was put into operation, the production capacity of rubber conveyor belts of all kinds of the Company increased by 1.5 times the existing capacity. Believing that with additional investment in equipment capacity for production, 75 Rubber Company Limited will meet all requirements of quality, type and schedule according to the requirements of customers.

Some figures of new rubber conveyor belt production lines invested and put into production

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