Facing the complicated situation of acute pneumonia caused by Corona virus (nCoV), quickly spreading to many regions and territories around the world, including Vietnam.

With the spirit of “fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy”, over the past time, thoroughly grasping the Directive No. 579/CT-CNQP dated February 4, 2020 of the Head of the General Department of Military Industries and Manufacture on the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains Corona virus, the Company has proactively and actively implemented many urgent and drastic measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Company’s leaders and commanders promptly established a Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control; departments, workshops and each officer and employee always uphold the sense of responsibility, really being active “propagandists” who actively participate in and prevent the Covid-19 epidemic with many forms and practical and effective measures to prevent disease from spreading into the unit; at the same time, closely coordinate with superior agencies and local authorities where the unit is stationed to actively prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Company’s Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control has directed the military medical team to coordinate with departments and workshops to take many resolute measures in epidemic prevention and control such as: maintaining the temperature check of staff, employees (02 times/day) and customers entering and exiting the gate, organizing disinfection and spraying to ensure safety in the unit, not spreading it to the Company; organizing the supply of active masks for all officers and employees; equipped with hand sanitizer solution for departments and workshops; regularly cleaning floors, door handles of meeting rooms and working rooms with disinfectants; promptly organizing for officials and employees to declare the process of moving to take preventive measures to ensure safety.

Leaders and commanders of the Company have directed the authorities to actively propagate and educate to raise awareness and responsibility in epidemic prevention and control for all officials and employees on internal communication channels, Zalo, posters… absolutely not being subjective, negligent, but also not bewildered, afraid of the epidemic situation. In parallel with the prevention of covid-19

epidemic, the factory also maintains continuous production to ensure progress for customers; organizing training and retraining to improve occupational safety and health for workers throughout the Company. Up to now, the Company’s prevention of Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic has been well maintained, the absolute safety is ensured, the staffs and employees are assured of work, conscious of self-protection of personal health, limiting in coming to crowded places and determined to work with the Government, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Department of Military Industries and Manufacture and the Company to repel the Covid-19 acute respiratory infection.

Along with the prevention of covid at the unit, responding to the call of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and the direction of the Prime Minister at the launching ceremony “All people support the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic”; to contribute to sharing difficulties with officers and soldiers of Military School – Hanoi Capital High Command during the welcome return of citizens from abroad, on the morning of April 1, 2020, the leadership representative, leaders and representatives of the Company’s Politics Department donated 3,000 masks and 100 bottles of antiseptic solution to staffs and soldiers of the School. Although the gifts are small, they are the companion and spiritual encouragement of officials and employees of 75 Rubber Co., Ltd to officers and soldiers of the Military School – Hanoi Capital High Command who are performing difficult and strenuous tasks on the front lines of epidemic prevention, as the spiritual motivation to create more confidence and excitement to continue to successfully complete the assigned tasks.

Some figures of activities to prevent respiratory infections (Covid-19) at the unit

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