Sand suction rubber hose

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Trademark: Spring textile reinforced rubber hose is used to convey water, liquid chemicals, petroleum at normal temperature. It can be used as a suction hose or push pipe in mining, irrigation, transportation of powdered materials, etc.



Sand suction rubber hose used for sand-suction, sludge suction boats on the sea is composed of 3 main components: The rubber lining is made of high abrasion resistant material in accordance with the working environment; The lamination polyamite coating and spring layer help the hose have a firm structure, withstand the working pressure and impact; The cover rubber is resistant to the working environment, has good aging, impact resistance. There are the following dimensions:

Φ76÷Φ300 x Lmax = 6000-P= -0,08MPa

In addition, our company manufactures hoses with dimensions at customer’s demand.