EP fabric weighing rubber conveyor belt– Chevron conveyor belt-sidewall conveyor belt

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Trademark: 75 RUBBER ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED is proud to be the provider of EP quantitative balance canvas fabric core rubber conveyor belt with high precision, thanks to skilled and experienced working team.


1. Outstanding features

EP fabric rubber conveyor belt (Polyester/Nylon) is synthetic weaved thread, combined with vertical thread of Polyester and horizontal thread of Polyamid (Nylon)

Low stretch level, lower than Nylon core conveyor belt

High durability

Good elasticity

Moisture and mildew resistance.

Anti-shear-force groove
Belt cover

2. Classification

EP fabric weighing rubber conveyor belt manufactured by 75 Rubber One member Company Limited includes 3 types:

Horizontal grooved and chevron belt

Flanged belt

Abrasive surface belt (anti-shear-force).

3. Product standards

Width of product 300 : 1700 mm

  •  Force resistant layers, 2 : 5 layers
  •  Product dislocation intensity 1800 N/
  •  Adhesion: Surface rubber to canvas layer ≥ 40N/cm
  •  Adhesion: Canvas layer to canvas layer ≥ 50N/cmOn weighing conveyor belt surface, there is a steel plate to determine the number of belt transport cycle, at the same time has an arrow to indicate the transport direction of belt.

Materials used to manufactured weighing heat resistant conveyor belt are divided into many heat resistant levels, as per customer requirement. Heat resistance can be up to 230℃.

4. Sale policy

Sale policy of 75 Rubber One member Company Limited:

  •  Product sale policy as in company stipulation in the event of faulty sludge pipe due to manufacti
  •  Long maintenance time, as specifically stipulated in certain contract
  • Products manufaction with customizable quality and size
  •  Customer discount (as per Purchase order)
  •  Transporting support policy as in agreement between company and customer

75 Rubber One member Company Limited always provide highest quality Rubber Conveyor Belt with the most reasonable market price.

If you want to buy quantitative balance conveyor belt, please contact 02433.261.315 Mr. Tuyen – 0969.822.822 for free consultancy.