Hydraulic hose (Steel wire reinforced hose)

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The hydraulic hose has a structure of 3 layers: Rubber lining is made of abrasion resistant, oil resistant, heat-resistant materials; The steel fiber layer are bonded by a adhesive rubber layer to help the hose withstand the working pressure and bend without breaking; The cover rubber is made of rubber material that is resistant to the working environment such as grease and chemicals. The two ends of the product have a metal, vulcanized connector with rubber hose to ensure a strong bond, making the installation process easy and fast, the sealing washer is pressed directly onto the flange for convenient installation. There are the following types of points and dimensions:
Φ6 ÷ Φ32 x Lmax =20000-P= 10MPa ÷ 60MPa

In addition, our company manufactures hoses with dimensions and working pressure at customer’s demand.