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BC fender is made of specialized rubber material, has high force resistance – officially provided by 75 Rubber One member Limited Liability Company.



Looking for highly force resistant, used and safety assured for ships?

Need a fender that has no damage to ship hull and is adjustable with any shapes due to its elasticity?

Want creditable, high quality supplier with reasonable price?

BC fender is the perfect solution to your above question. Provided by 75 Rubber One member Limited Liability Company.

1. BC fender introduction

BC rubber fender is a capsule, hollow fender design and has grooved surface along its breadth. (Groove width notation: A, groove depth notation: B,distance of 2 adjacent groove centers notation: P).

BC fender of 75 Rubber One member Limited Liability Company is manufactured by vulcanized rubber material:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Saline water environment resistance
  • High mechanical durability, decreased collision pressure
  • Fender maximum length is up to 20m

2. Classification – Fender size

BC fender includes 2 types:

Type 1: Ship hull force resistant fender

Designed drawing:

BC fender

BC fender does no damage to the ship hull due to low surface pressure and it is customizable with any shapes because of its elasticity.

*BC fender for ship hull

BC rubber fender size for ship hull:

Type 2: Ship prow and stern force resistant fender

Designed drawing:

Rubber fender size for ship prow and stern:

3. Strengths of BC fender in comparision to other ordinary force resistant fenders.

  • Grooved surface for force reduction and distribution
  • Preferential price
  • Domestic and local most advanced manufacturing technology, imported lines from Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.
  • Products quality is strictly verified

4. Company commercial policy

Maintenance policy as in stipulation of75 RUBBER ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED: During maintenance time, if customers detect faulty products due to manufactions, the company shall proceed repairing as soon as possible

Sale policy:

  • Preferential price, discounted according to each purchase order value
  • Customizable products quality and size
  • Free consultancy in terms of products installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Transport support policy as agreed with customers

All queries regarding products consultancy, please contact:

Phone number: 02433.261.315 Mr. Tuyen – 0969.822.822

Email: 75rubber@gmail.com

Please directly contact to buy authentic products.